Caring for ‘special children’, Let love be everywhere

The advent of any life

All works of God

However, God will also be negligent

So there is a special group of children

We call them "Angels with Broken Wings"

They need more attention and care from this society

Special children are a group that needs social care and help. As Christmas is approaching, in order to care for the growth of minors and care for families in need, on the afternoon of November 17, Changzhou’s first international volunteer team "GOOD HEARTS" united with Beigang Street to convey warmth with actions and started in Qiubai Shuyuan The volunteer service activity of "Comforting Special Children's Love and Warmth and Needy Families" has sent condolences and gifts to disabled children and families in need, warming the hearts of disadvantaged groups.

International volunteers interacted with the children cordially, talked enthusiastically, and carefully asked about the children's living conditions, physical conditions and rehabilitation training, etc., and actively encouraged their families to establish firm confidence and face difficulties bravely. Finally, the volunteers also reminded them to pay attention to changes in the weather. After the recent meeting, the weather will be cooled by strong winds. They should pay attention to adding clothes and take care of their bodies. If you have any difficulties, you can come to their team.

The families who were assisted at the scene were deeply moved, and they especially thanked the international volunteer team for sending them warmth in the early winter.